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By: Mary H. Dyer, Credentialed Garden Writer

Rondeletia Panama rose is a beautiful shrub with adelightful fragrance that intensifies at night. It’s surprisingly easy to grow,and butterflieslove it. Read on to learn about growing Panama rose.

What is a Panama Rose?

Panama rose plant (Rondeletia stigosa) is a small,sprawling evergreen shrub with glossy green leaves. Panama rose bush producesclusters of reddish-pink flowers with yellow throats beginning in December,continuing into spring or early summer, and sometimes longer.

Panama rose is suitable for growing in USDA plant hardinesszones 9 through 11. The plant won’t survive freezing temperatures, although itmay bounce back from a light frost. Panama rose plants can also be grownindoors, in a container or hanging basket.

Panama Rose Bush Care

Growing Panama rose is a relatively easy endeavor. Panamarose plants grow in light shade, but the ideal location will have morningsunlight and afternoon shade.

Plant Panama rose plants in fertile, well-drained soilamended with well-rotted manure or compost. If you’re planting more than oneshrub, allow 3 feet (1 m.). between each plant.

Although Panama rose bushes tolerate short periods of drought,they perform best with a deep weekly watering. Allow the soil to dry betweenwaterings. The plant may rot in soggy soil.

Feed your Panama rose plant in early spring, early summer,and late summer using a general-purpose garden fertilizer.

Remove any cold-damaged growth in late February; otherwise,wait until flowering ceases in early summer when you can trim the bush to thedesired size. Don’t prune Panama rose bushes past late summer when the plantbegins budding for winter bloom. These plants are easily propagated withsoftwood cuttings should you wish to produce more.

Watch for pests such as spidermites, whiteflies,and mealybugs.All are fairly easy to control with insecticidalsoap spray, especially if caught early on.

Growing Panama Rose Indoors

If you live in an area outside its hardiness zone, you cangrow Panama rose as container plants to move indoors for winter.

Indoors, plant Panama rose in a container filled withquality commercial potting mix. Put the plant in a warm room with plenty of sunlight.If the room is dry, increasethe humidity by putting the pot on a tray of wet pebbles.

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The trumpet vine (Campsis radicans) is one of the best trellis plants, because it grows in a clinging fashion up to 30 feet each year and can thrive in most climates. With huge, showy reddish-orange flowers, the trumpet vine likes full sun and drier, poorer soils. Clematis vines are also great for growing on trellises, because they grip and climb the trellis with small tendrils, growing up to 12 feet every year. Clematis species have a wide range of flower colors to choose from and grow best in full sun to part shade. The Dropmore Scarlet honeysuckle (Lonicera x brownie ‘Dropmore Scarlet’) blooms in red flowers and doesn’t die back in winter.

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Planting Instructions
Step 1

Make sure you are planting your product in the proper location according to sun exposure requirements.
Step 2

Excavate a hole about twice the width of the container. Position your plant in the center of the hole. Make sure the top of the container soil is slightly higher than the original grade of the soil.
Step 3

Thoroughly water the entire soil mass of the product.
Step 4

Blend a 50/50 mix of soil excavated from the hole and a well balanced soil amendment. Carefully pack the blend around the product to remove any air pockets. Water the plant thoroughly again.
Step 5

Fertilize around your plant with a good organic based fertilizer specific to your variety of plant.
Step 6

Complete by mulching around your new plant or tree if desired. Apply 2 – 3 inches of mulch around the plant. Mulch will help keep the soil moist and keep weeds down.
Step 7

Continue watering daily for 2-3 weeks after the initial installation of your new plant. During hotter months make sure to check the soil moisture around your plant for adequate moisture retention. Water accordingly if needed.

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Fragrant Cloud

An unfading scarlet of unusual brilliance with dark green, foliage. Tantau, 1965. Read more

Rose Border

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Prefer a potted rose?

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BLOOM COLOUR Colour may vary depending on growing conditions. Colour fade is a characteristic of some varieties.

REPEAT or ONCE FLOWERING? REPEAT FLOWERING roses flower in flushes from late spring through to early winter. ONCE FLOWERING roses only produce a single flush of blooms lasting 3 to 4 weeks in mid summer

BLOOM SIZE GUIDE Bloom size varies over the life cycle of each bloom. Measurements refer to the average diameter of a bloom at its prime. LARGE BLOOM: 3.5-5" MEDIUM BLOOM: 2-3.5" SMALL BLOOM 1-2"

SIZE GUIDE All measurements are approximate 'height x width' and refer to a 3 year old established rose, pruned once annually, measured during the first flush of flowers in June.

Ideal For

Growing Conditions

East, South, West Facing All soil types

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